September 20, 2021

Case study: Translation for information technology RFPs

Executive Summary The Canadian subsidiary of a global IT business (2020 revenue: $39B) came to Scriptis for translations of requests for proposals from English into French.  This client had previously relied on one of the top five language service providers listed on the Common Sense […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Case study: Articulate Storyline 360 translation

Executive Summary Our client, a global manufacturer, needed Articulate Storyline 360 translation and localization. The source was a set of e-learning courses on business ethics. Target languages included Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish (Latin American). The Challenge E-learning localization requires both […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Case study: Foreign-language subtitles for patient education videos

Executive Summary An international medical specialty membership organization came to Scriptis for foreign-language subtitles for patient education videos.  The organization advances quality care by providing training, safety accreditation, and certification for member physicians. It also educates patients about surgical procedures in order to help them […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Video translation services: what’s needed?

video translation services
Sometimes the best way to reach an audience is through video. Typically, global businesses need video translation services for marketing, advertising, e-learning modules, product demonstrations, and market research. if you have a completed video that you want translated into additional languages, what video translation services […] (Read more...)

January 11, 2021

Survey translation: Cultural biases to look out for

survey translation
Survey translation: Cultural biases to look out for When planning to administer a survey in multiple languages, take these cultural issues into account before survey translation begins.  Even well-translated surveys can be biased by cultural issues. Responses can vary depending on the culture of the […] (Read more...)