October 12, 2021

Case study: Translation for GIS training manuals and materials

Executive Summary The client, a Canadian provider of geographic information systems (GIS), periodically updates their software training manuals and other multimedia training content. The updated content then requires translation from English into French for Canadian and European users. As the primary provider of all the […] (Read more...)

June 21, 2023

Scriptis Values

Customer satisfaction We take pride in our work, but the only true measure of success is client satisfaction. Teamwork Success with a client is only possible when everyone works as a team. Performance Every team member’s performance is essential to the financial health of our […] (Read more...)

September 27, 2021

Should you change translation providers? Ten reasons to consider it

Should you change translation providers? Ten reasons to consider it A good translation doesn’t read like a translation. And a good translation provider shouldn’t draw attention to itself, either. Your language partner should deliver quality multilingual content without making significant demands on you. You’ve got […] (Read more...)

May 24, 2022

Scriptis Spotlight: Olivier Coulange

Scriptis Spotlight: Olivier Coulange Smart localization combines the human love of language with the power of technology to deliver quality at scale. Meet Olivier Coulange, one of the stellar humans at the center of everything we do. On May 25, 2022, Olivier marks his twelfth anniversary […] (Read more...)

September 13, 2021

Translation memory cleaning and maintenance

Translation memory cleaning and maintenance Translation memories (TMs) reduce translation costs and turnaround times for frequently updated content. TMs streamline the process by helping identify all new content and auto-filling unchanged translations from prior versions. Who benefits most from translation memories? IT and manufacturing clients […] (Read more...)