Case study: English into French translation for insurance industry business solutions

Executive Summary

Our client provides consulting, training, and business solutions to advisors working with clients in the high-net worth life insurance market. They first came to us in 2004, when their small team was located in Montreal. From the start, their growth in the Canadian market required translation and localization for both English and French audiences. Over the years, mergers and acquisitions brought in different subsidiaries in other parts of Canada, whose assets required translation as well.  Instead of establishing an in-house translation department, our client built a strong relationship with Scriptis as their exclusive localization partner.

The Challenge

To serve this valuable client, Scriptis translates content on an ongoing basis, often on short notice. Translation for the insurance industry presents a special challenge. Constant changes in the regulatory environment require frequent updates to translated content. At the same time, all translations must be absolutely accurate in order to minimize risk.  As an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, Scriptis meets the highest global standards for quality assurance in translation.


From the start, the client relied on Scriptis’ specialized expertise for the financial and insurance industry. Scriptis maintains an in-house team of translators and reviewers who are specifically trained to handle English into French financial and insurance content. For this client we have translated websites and client-facing content as well as internal communications, training, and other corporate content.  Our team advises on best practices for creating localization-friendly content and maximizing efficiency in the localization workflow.


Over the years, our client became a leader in Canadian financial services by constantly adapting to the changing needs of the market. Scriptis has done the same. Our long business relationship has developed to benefit us both. We take pride in our clients’ success when they expand their markets through translation and localization, and we have the drive and the capacity to grow with them.