Meet the Scriptis leadership team, in French and English

Meet the Scriptis leadership team, in French and English

Scriptis Translations is a proud sponsor of the IABC/Toronto Ovation Awards , giving Toronto-Area communications professionals an opportunity to present their best work for feedback and recognition from their peers. For public health reasons, the 2020 awards were “virtual,” but we’re still proud to honor the Champions of the North. Since we couldn’t show up in person, the Scriptis leadership team made a video, in both French and English, with the help of our co-sponsors Arc+Crown.

Our leadership team collaborated in writing the scripts. Then, folks from our offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Philadelphia taped their segments separately. Arc+Crown produced the final versions. This was our first big project together with our US team, who came on board with Scriptis Translations in May.

We’ve localized plenty of client videos, so we knew what to do. The French script and the English script were not direct translations of one another, but they were developed in parallel to convey the same themes while staying true to the distinctive idiomatic demands of both languages. In the business, we call this process “transcreation.” We enjoyed the creative challenge!

Here is the final English version. We’re happy with it. What do you think?

Click here to see the French version.