Soaring with AI: A bird’s eye view of translation

Soaring with AI: A bird’s eye view of translation

Have you met our mascot Scriptor? He’s a speedy peregrine falcon whose sharp eyes don’t miss a thing. Like all of us, he’s noticed a spike in chatter about AI and its impact on the business world. We caught up with him over the holidays to talk about his vision for the future of the translation industry in the wake of the AI revolution.

Q: Scriptor! It’s lovely to see you. I hope you are having a great holiday season!

Scriptor: Thanks! I had a great time at the Scriptis holiday party!  But it’s cold up here and I’m ready to head south!

Q: The promise and perils of AI is a hot topic of conversation. Some people say that artificial intelligence could solve all our problems! Others worry that it will create different, possibly bigger problems.  What do you think?

Scriptor: When I survey the landscape of our industry, I see that translation clients already benefit from AI applications. Recently, things like Chat GPT had caused a big flap. But here’s what folks may not know: we’ve been feathering our tech nest with AI tools for years.

Q: No way!

Scriptor: Way.

Q: What kinds of tools?

Scriptor: At Scriptis, we translate millions of words every month. AI-powered translation tools lift our productivity high on the wings of neural networks. Faster turnaround for larger volumes extends our clients’ reach into new markets. Like a flock of birds, our clients’ multilingual messages swiftly cross boundaries of language and culture.

Q: Speed is great, but what about accuracy?

Scriptor: Speed is nothing without accuracy! AI-driven technologies use deep learning processes that mimic the patterns of human learning. For some types of technical communication, prior translations paired with predictive algorithms can create almost seamless multilingual content.

However, only professional human translators can guarantee accuracy. The prose generated by AI can read so naturally that errors are camouflaged.  With their sharp eyes and specialized translation skills, our team spots inaccuracies with the precision of a falcon tracking its prey.

Q: So, keeping a human in the loop is essential to business translation services.

Scriptor: Absolutely! The expertise of our dedicated in-house team cannot be replaced or matched. Not only do they grasp the subtle nuances of language, they have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and voice. They also possess the specialized knowledge required by our clients, who come from a range of industries including the automotive, financial, medical, IT, and retail sectors.

Beyond our obsession with linguistic excellence, rising concerns about data security have underscored the essential role humans play in protecting businesses from ransomware and other tools of cybercrime.

Q: What do you mean?

Think about it: artificial intelligence drives advances in the language industry, but it also turbocharges the predatory efforts of cybercriminals. Yet, the most common cause of data security breaches is human error. When a client opts for a free translation tool, they risk not only the integrity of their translated content, but also the safety of their data across the whole organization. At Scriptis, our ISO 27001:2013-compliant information security management system includes ongoing training that keeps us on the lookout for phishing, ransomware, and other malicious cyber activities.

Q: Well, it sounds like the Scriptis humans need to be as sharp-eyed as their own Scriptis mascot!

Scriptor:  Our professional translators and project managers soar ever higher with linguistic and technical knowledge. The information landscape may be changing, but like my family of peregrine falcons, our team is adaptable, fast, and able to pivot with agility when new challenges arise. And on that note, I think it’s time for me to fly!

Q: Thanks for stopping by.

Scriptor: You’re welcome! Now I’m winging my way south to see my cousins in Central America. Happy New Year and I’ll see you soon!