Scriptis and data security: protecting our clients and ourselves

Scriptis and data security: protecting our clients and ourselves

The language industry faces unique challenges when it comes to data security. In addition to keeping our own data safe from digital criminals, we must protect our clients’ data and content as well. Training our team to recognize and thwart the efforts of bad actors is the most important step.

The “human in the loop”

It’s a truism that most data security failures occur because of human error. Even the most sophisticated technical firewalls will fall if an employee clicks a bad link and downloads malware or worse. A recent study by Stanford University confirmed that employee mistakes account for almost 9 out of 10 data breaches.

At Scriptis, we never lose sight of the human side of the translation business. Top technology is only as good as the “humans in the loop:” the people whose daily decisions drive quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In addition to maintaining secure systems, Scriptis ensures that all team members are ready to serve as front-line protectors of our clients’ data.

Every Scriptis team member takes a structured data security training course to ensure they can recognize the tactics used to gain access to protected information. The training explains a variety of methods used by hackers to subvert data security, including phishing attacks, social engineering methods, password theft, and domain spoofing. The team receives the tools for assessing whether information requests are coming from a trusted source, and for knowing when to alert the IT department to possible attacks. All this ensures that everyone at Scriptis remains wary of the possibility of cybercrime.

We have also taken steps toward security certification for the regulated industries we primarily serve, including health care.  All of our US-based project managers are certified HIPPA Business Associates. Our Canadian project managers will complete their HIPAA business associate’s exam by year-end. As a business associate to HIPAA providers, we are continuously working towards processes and practices that HIPAA-compliant.

Data security is paramount

Our ISO 17100 certification ensures a high level of quality of translation outputs and standardized processes along with required documentation.  We put in place strict policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of security with regards to data encryption, data retention and destruction, access control and acceptable use. At Scriptis, no security-related incident or breach of any kind has occurred in the past, and we work hard to maintain this spotless record. 

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