Case study: translation for financial services e-learning modules

Executive Summary

Our client, a leading Canadian multi-line insurance and financial services organization, has been serving clients since 1945. The client has offices across Canada and more than 45 billion in assets under administration. Most of their English-French translation needs are met through their in-house translation department. However, certain projects exceed their capacity. Among other things, Scriptis provided English into French translation for financial services e-learning modules used throughout the organization.

The Challenge

The client conducts training at various levels of the organization to ensure compliance with Canadian insurance regulations and foster continuous learning. The training modules include basic instruction in Finance 101 for new hires, communication of internal policies, IT security guidelines and sales training. They also provide general professional development including training on changes in taxation and regulations. Localization for this content requires a high-level understanding of the insurance industry in addition to e-learning translation skills. In addition, the translators must be able to adjust their writing for different levels of expertise, depending on the subject matter.


As one of the leading financial translation firms in Canada, Scriptis maintains an in-house team of English-French translators and editors with subject matter expertise. Insurance and finance clients require the highest global standards for translation accuracy. Scriptis is ISO 17100-certifed, meeting the highest standards for translation quality assurance.

The Scriptis team keeps consistency in style, tone, and terminology by maintaining a client-specific translation memory. This function of the translator’s computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools will scan each new batch of content for repeated phrases from the client’s other translation projects. This speeds the localization process.


The client manages the localization engineering in-house, providing source files that are compatible with the translators’ software. In addition, the Scriptis team maintains great communications with the in-house team to address all questions at the outset of each project. This helps prevent problems from occurring later.

For this client, Scripts delivers content that has been translated and edited by two professional linguists, then subject to in-house QA to ensure every detail is correct. For other clients, Scriptis provides turnkey e-learning localization services for ready-to-use multilingual modules authored in various platforms such as storyline, captivate, etc. Services include localization engineering, voiceover recording, and integration services in addition to translation.

Scriptis has been serving the finance and insurance industry for years. In Canada, English-French translators with expertise in finance and insurance are in high demand. Our clients choose us for our well-trained translation team, our reliable QA processes, our careful project management, and our proven investment in providing the highest level of service to this industry for more than 10 years.