Case studies

October 18, 2023

Case study: Translation for regulatory compliance

Executive Summary Our client is a large organization providing financial services to clients across Canada. Their leadership team developed a company policy to comply with new regulations on pay transparency. The client came to us on a Friday afternoon with an urgent request to have […] (Read more...)

September 15, 2023

Case study: English copywriting and French translation for a global apparel brand

Executive Summary Our client, a popular jeans and sportswear brand, came to Scriptis for English copywriting followed by French translation for the Canadian market. Since 2020, Scriptis has translated retail content for the parent company, a leading global apparel and accessories company with a portfolio […] (Read more...)

May 30, 2023

Case study: keyword translation and multilingual copywriting in sixteen languages

Executive Summary Our client required keyword translation and multilingual copywriting in sixteen languages: Danish, Dutch, UK English, Finnish, European French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, European Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.  The content was product descriptions for consumer electronic components used […] (Read more...)

August 24, 2022

Case study: automotive website translation for a global car manufacturer

Executive Summary Our client, the Canadian division of a global car manufacturer, decided to redesign their website. Scriptis partnered with their new web design agency to provide French translation. In addition to sections for owners and dealers, the site included a “car configurator” tool allowing […] (Read more...)

July 25, 2022

Case study: Onboarding a client for e-commerce translation services

Executive Summary Canadian law requires all digital consumer-facing content to appear in both French and English. When a New Zealand-based fashion retailer entered the Canadian market, translation into French became a necessity. Their English language listings would not reach customers until the French versions were […] (Read more...)