Go global with expert translation services! CanExport SMEs can help.

How can CanExport SMEs help you?

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is accepting applications from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for up to $50,000 in funding for export activities. Successful applicants will receive partial reimbursement for projects starting after April 1, 2023. 

Translation for marketing materials is one of the supported activities.

In addition to French for Canadian markets, Scriptis translates into every language of global trade. We handle technical and marketing translation, and provide multimedia services such as video subtitling and voiceovers, website translation, and software localization.

Sourcing all your languages from a single provider streamlines the process for you. Our project managers work with partners around the world to ensure accurate, on-time delivery of multilingual content.

Who should apply?

Eligible Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises must

  • be for-profit
  • have a Canada Revenue Agency business number
  • employ fewer than 500 full-time equivalent employees
  • have $100,000 to $100 million in declared revenue during its past fiscal year (for 12 months for quarterly filers).