Case study: Translation for regulatory compliance

Executive Summary

Our client is a large organization providing financial services to clients across Canada. Their leadership team developed a company policy to comply with new regulations on pay transparency. The client came to us on a Friday afternoon with an urgent request to have the policy-related communications translated into French for the Quebec office by the following Monday morning.

The Challenge

The short turnaround time required quick action. In addition to translation, the content would need reformatting to ensure that the PowerPoint presentations remained visually appealing (English into French translation results in text expansion because French requires more characters). In short, the client needed the resources of a team that could launch the project immediately and finish it quickly.


One of the benefits of working with Scriptis is the guarantee of consistent service for both specialized and non-specialized content. Scriptis maintains in-house teams of full-time translators for one of five target industries: Automotive & Manufacturing, Health & Life Sciences, Information Technology, Insurance & Financial Services, and Retail & E-commerce. Each industry-specific team works with a dedicated project manager.

This structure keeps both industry expertise and client-specific knowledge at the ready for our clients. We launched the project immediately.

The Scriptis team was highly motivated and well-positioned to help this valuable client meet their deadline. For years we have provided them with translation for both specialized financial services content and standard corporate business content. As a result, a strong translation memory, termbase, and style guide informed the project, allowing the translation team to work confidently and quickly without needing to query the client.


The client received their translated, reformatted content on Monday morning. They met their deadline with time to spare.

When our clients choose Scriptis, they are not just purchasing translation services. They are initiating a mutually beneficial partnership. Our longtime clients occasionally make unusual requests or need rush services, and we have the structures and processes in place to help them. Plus, when they need translation into languages in addition to French, we can meet their needs through our network of professional, ISO 17100-certified partners around the world.