Case study: English-French translation & voiceovers for financial training videos

Executive Summary

Our client, Hoopis Performance Network, provides learning solutions for financial professionals. Their innovative web-based learning platform provides professional development training to personnel at leading financial institutions in the United States and Canada.

The client approached Scriptis after experiencing difficulties with their prior localization partner. Video localization projects faced significant delays because that provider lacked the technical and communication skills to keep projects on track. When a new project arose, requiring translation and localization of instructional videos for the French Canadian market, they sought out a new language services partner. With our in-house team of bilingual project managers and professional specialized translators, Scriptis won the project.

The Challenge

The client required localization of a set of 50 instructional videos, each between 3 and 12 minutes long. The videos primarily consisted of interviews and discussions. The turnaround time for the delivery of timed, edited, ready-to-use voice tracks was twenty business days. High volume and a short deadline, along with the technical demands of multimedia localization, required careful preparation and clear communication with the client.


The project manager set up a three-step process for localization. The videos were unscripted. Therefore, the first step was English transcription of each video, with timestamps. Timestamps provide a useful guide to help the voice talents time the narration. The project manager then submitted the transcripts for translation into French.

The project manager assembled an in-house team of translators with expertise in the financial services industry. In addition, the translators possessed script writing skills. Translating scripts faces particular challenges because of “text expansion.” When translating from English into French, translated content tends to expand. Depending on the subject matter, a French translation can take up to 30% more space than the English source.  When translating a script for voiceover, care must be taken to contain the expansion. Otherwise, the sound engineer will run into difficulties when synching the audio to the video.

Timely delivery of the translated scripts was essential to keeping the project on schedule and on budget. While translators worked on the scripts, the project manager prepared for the recording phase of the project.  Scriptis provided voice samples from which the client could choose. Working with a partner studio, Scriptis created synced, edited, ready-to use voiceover tracks.


After their prior experience, the client was delighted to receive the finished deliverables on time, with no unexpected additional expenses. During the course of the project, the Scriptis team developed a great professional relationship with Hoopis’ Associate Producer, Peter Pazderski.  Peter’s clear, responsive, and helpful communication of the client’s objectives contributed significantly to the successful outcome of the project. Peter writes,

“Working with Scriptis is a pleasure. They are professional, prompt, and consistent with their work. All communication is clear, expectations and deadlines were clearly defined and followed. Any questions or concerns we had were quickly acknowledged and addressed. It is amazing to work with a company that took the time to understand our needs and how to fully address them.”

 – Peter Pazderski, Associate Producer, Hoopis Performance Network