Case Study: High-volume technical translation

Executive Summary

A global manufacturer of equipment for a closely regulated industry needed high-volume English into Spanish technical translation on a short deadline. Safety procedures and operating manuals required translation to secure operational approval from an overseas regulatory agency.  

The Challenge

With so many stakeholders, this project required nimble project management. Delays on the client side were anticipated, and changes in the source documents might become necessary after the translation had begun. The technical content required a team of linguists with specialized knowledge of the subject domain. The deadline was short.


The team achieved real-time collaboration, rigorous oversight, and near-simultaneous review through a cloud-based translation platform. All parties approved a bilingual termbase at project launch. The built-in QA function ensured consistent terminology use, issued alerts for linguistic errors and prohibited formatting tags from alterations. Expert human review and proofreading followed translation immediately to compress the turnaround time. 


Our team completed the project on time. The client’s application was approved by the regulatory agency. The flexibility provided by the collaboration platform improved the process and outcome of this project. The translation memory created during the project became a valuable resource for ongoing technical translation projects for this client.