software localization

January 8, 2021

Case study: Mobile app localization & voice recording

Executive Summary Our client helps world travelers confidently locate, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world. They contracted with Scriptis for mobile app localization. The iOS and Android app allows travelers to translate useful health-related phrases and terms between English and 13 […] (Read more...)

February 15, 2021

Case study: translation services for financial compliance tracking software

Executive Summary The client came to Scriptis to translate and localize their software for finance and insurance professionals. Their flagship tool simplifies and centralizes compliance information for financial advisors, MGAs, and insurance carriers. The client needed to translate the software strings and website content into […] (Read more...)

December 23, 2020

The business case for e-learning translation

The business case for e-learning translation The business case for e-learning is well-established, but what about the business case for e-learning translation? How can you assess the ROI of translating and localizing e-learning for foreign-language audiences? First, let’s look briefly at the factors for analyzing the […] (Read more...)

December 7, 2020

Case Study: Technical translation for operating manuals and HMI strings

Executive Summary Our client, a global provider of packaging solutions, received overseas orders for machines used for bottling pharmaceuticals. The machine labels, strings for the human-machine interface, and operating manual all required translation into multiple languages. The Challenge The content was highly specialized.  Finding technical […] (Read more...)

November 23, 2020

Articulate Storyline translation and localization: client checklist

Articulate Storyline translation and localization: client checklist When a new client needs Articulate Storyline translation and localization, we ask these questions to guide the translation process. We also make suggestions for controlling integration costs. Advance preparation can streamline the process and ensure a great outcome. […] (Read more...)