December 24, 2020

Language Service Partnering for multilingual success

language service partner
Language Service Partnering for multilingual success Businesses like ours often refer to themselves as “translation agencies” or “language service providers.” We prefer to call Scriptis a “language service partner.” This choice describes our business philosophy as well as our ideal client relationship.  What is a […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

B2B e-commerce translation

b2b ecommerce translation
B2B e-commerce translation What explains the rapid growth of online B2B sales? Scalability of cloud platforms and mobile access began the acceleration. The changing needs of buyers and the current sales environment shifted it into high gear. As business processes, logistics, and warehousing become automated, […] (Read more...)

January 8, 2021

Case study: Translation for e-learning localization into 9 languages

Executive Summary Our client, a global chemical company, specializes in advanced materials, additives, specialty chemicals, and fibers. Scriptis has translated and localized many e-training modules for their global workforce. This most recent project required localization of information security training for all employees. The client required translation for […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Best practices for multilingual e-learning

multilingual elearning
Best practices for multilingual e-learning When people learn something in their second language, regardless of fluency, they often think they understand more of the content than they actually do.  Translation and localization are essential.  Follow these best practices to create localization-friendly source modules for multilingual […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Marketing translation: the transcreation process

marketing translation
Marketing translation: the transcreation process Marketing translation demands more than simple translation. You’ve carefully crafted your message to convey your brand personality and appeal to your audience at an emotional level. To reach hearts as well as minds, you use familiar words and symbols to excite, […] (Read more...)